Mover That Had Gone Way Too Far

Mover That Had Gone Way Too Far

If you’re looking for something to do with the kiddos somewhere take them to the Children’s Museum a few cents we actually have our cardboard City displayed there in The Invention Convention gallery through Labor Day it’s a fun way for you guys to spend some time all while being activeness horse here how many of you have heard of the tech army most of you okay you know this is the student.

Accelerator here at the University of Michigan well the tech art began not too long ago and night a graduate named Sojourner horses here is the student work most responsible for founding the tech arm I’m excited about Jason because not only do you found the tech R but while he was a student he started to businesses was a part of the third and two of those three actually we reacquired by different companies and he’s now.

Into his fourth in Austin Texas Could give you a long list of other things why I think he’s a pretty cool guy but I’ll let you see for himself let’s introduce and welcome Jason Bournemouth hey guys how you doing yeah Friday almost there so I’m Jason Bourke horse send about or minutes kind of telling my story and then David I’ll talk a little bit you know to kind of kick things off I was actually sitting in your chair about five years ago so Think it was the very first time they had started this class and.

I was in this class as well I’m a computer science grad graduated in and also have-this certificate of entrepreneurship so think I was the first person to actually get that who in this class is working on that certificate okay all you-guys so it was awesome I definitely recommend that and you know looking bacon a little bit of my background I came into college with an entrepreneurial spirit but I always thought that I would just be putting that on hold I thought I’d get.

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