What about taking vitamins and supplements to boost fertility before and after vasectomy reversal?

What about taking vitamins and supplements to boost fertility before and after vasectomy reversal?

Everyone wants to be healthy, and most of us agree that being able to add healthy nutrients to our diet will do just that. Scientists are telling us that too much inflammation in our bodies over a lifetime is what leads to aging, cancer, heart disease and fertility issues. So taking some extra vitamins makes sense, especially if you’re planning on having a child after a vasectomy reversal.

The cells of our body actually create chemicals that are designed to kill bacteria with oxidative damage and keep the cells and so our bodies clean and healthy. But if there’s too much oxidative damage, then the cells of our body can become damaged as well. That is where antioxidants become key. Our body creates antioxidants from eating antioxidant rich foods. These are certain foods that are very high and powerful substances that neutralize dangerous levels of antioxidants and so are healthy for our bodies. They reduce inflammation, that allow the various body functions to work in a healthy way. In fact in general the more densely colorful are the fruits and vegetables for higher the level of antioxidants. This is why doctors recommend we should all be plenty of blackberries and blueberries especially every day. In fact, berries in general are considered very high in antioxidants. The experts will tell you That it’s always better to get the nutritional ingredients from the real foods themselves than from processed and prepared supplements that we can buy online of from the various stores.

It’s really important to reverse vasectomy understand that by taking vitamins and supplements, you now do not have an excuse to go eat fast foods, drink, smoke and avoid exercise. Adding nutritional supplements to your diet is designed to improve what should already be an intelligent healthy lifestyle.

When looking at which vitamins and supplements to take, you should be very careful as most of the material you can read is actually just sales propaganda. These manufacturers know that if they can convince you that their product will make you healthy and prevent disease, then you will spend huge amounts of money over many years for something that often times only makes expensive urine. When you talk to experts they will tell you that there is very little science to support most of the claims associated with lots of the supplements vitamins vitamins and nutrients most Americans take. Plus when a paper says today something is good for you another paper tomorrow will say it doesn’t help and then on occasion may say that is actually can hurt you.

So what to take? Before we give get to this list please know that you should always talk to your doctor about specific vitamins and supplements to make sure that they are appropriate for you and will not interfere with any of the medications or other supplements that you might be taking. Plus some of these vitamins and supplements can have very serious side effects so you should always run every supplement or vitamin past your doctor to be sure but what you’re doing is smart. Some of these could actually be a blood thinners so you definitely would want to let your doctors know and not take it before-and-after your vasectomy reversal.

So for fertility, many experts recommend fish oil daily. Make sure that you’re getting high quality fish oil that is fresh. Another common recommendation is to supplement your diet with vitamin D everyday. As it turns out even people to spend a lot of time in the sun can still have very low vitamin D levels which can compromise fertility. The good news is that most experts Believe that fish oil and vitamin D supplementation is actually good for your heart, your brain and longevity. In addition, consider a good multi vitamin with lots of trace minerals. Many studies are saying that Co Q 10 is also really important for fertility as well as for general and heart health.

So eat those blackberries ( washed of course), take your supplements and just try to eat a healthy well-balanced diet.

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