Exciting Parts Of Attending Tucson Ac Repair

Exciting Parts Of Attending Tucson Ac Repair

we air-conditioned the air comes by that coil and we make the air cold but one of the byproducts is all the humidity has to have a place to go and it turns into what they call condensate okay it comes down through here through a trap down into this reservoir right here this little float in there when the float the water level rises the float comes on brings.

on a pump and sends that water out to the drain over there now it runs on volts and Keith you working on that right yeah everything’s all tied in over here good so how do we get the right amount of refrigerant into this new system well the new conductors that we install now they all come pre charged up the feet of line set that’s about what we have so there’s enough refrigerant in to cover our system perfectly Wow dad anymore that’s exactly.

Right what I had to do I had to evacuate the lines then after they’re evacuated all I have to do is just open up the lines on the condenser and it’s pre charge right so we’re good to go that’s it all right ready Oh got up on the switch here we go that’s some good sound in there it sounds good so let me to show you how to find the leak in your air conditioning system in your car or truck so if you’re not getting cold air and you’re low on refrigerant.

I’m going to show you how to charge it up and check for a leak because it has to be leaking from somewhere in this case we’re working on a toyota tacoma but this process works on pretty much any car out there so we’re going to turn the fan on make sure the AC is on put the vent setting to the top vent and use a thermometer to get a baseline temperature reading the air coming out of here is degrees Fahrenheit which is not cool at all.


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